Chrystal Wilson

Though she won the computer award in her middle school classroom, Chrystal's path to jNetrix resembled a river's more than an arrow's--which you'd expect from a longtime whitewater kayaker. Before returning to her digital roots, she meandered through a handful of other careers, gathering experience and improving the skills that led her to her current position. Along the way, she earned a degree in mathematics from Queen's University and made time to travel and live across Canada, the US and Europe, amassing a wealth of diverse experiences. Rich with entrepreneurial spirit since attaining sentience, she's tirelessly launched, steered and landed several businesses--a mix of consulting, retail and online sales, product distribution, web hosting and software development--along the way. She also climbed the corporate ladder in the financial banking industry at Canada Trust.

At jNetrix, Chrystal does what she does best: a little bit of everything, focusing on whatever it takes to grow. She designs and develops software, troubleshoots systems, hires and manages employees, negotiates contracts, strategizes, project manages, maintains budgets, seeks opportunities, makes decisions, interprets business requirements and generally gets stuff done.

She encourages employees to lead active lives outside the office, and sets the example by volunteering with the Community Foundation for Kingston and Area, being the proud mother of two incredible teenagers, and by contributing to the health of the community by helping other entrepreneurs launch their own ventures. When not doing any of the above, she may be found racing her sailboat, playing a board game, or winter camping.